Happy Juniors:
beginners - first classes of primary school
Ideal for learners of English as a Foreign Language at beginner's level. It teaches the language enjoyably through an illustrated story with dialogues, grammar and vocabulary games, songs and printing capability. It consists of 22 units that cover beginners' needs for a full year. It contains approximately 200 grammar and vocabulary exercises and a large number of printable pages.
My Words 1
level: B junior - A' Senior
description: 30 vocabulary thematic fields with ten words each. The units are fully illustrated and include useful words for everyday use, pronounced by a native speaker. Vocabulary games such as Hangman, Crossword and matching activities help the user assimilate the words enjoyably. Printing capability allows you to compile your own picture dictionary.
level: A' Senior
description: 35 grammar units with full presentation of the form, use and examples for post beginners. Over 120 exercises and 15 tests. Fully printable.

level: Intermediate - Upper Intermediate
description: 55 grammar units containing full presentation of the grammar structure, complete with form, examples and the theory explained in Greek, 250 exercises and 24 tests. The ideal companion for intermediate level and even for students who are preparing for their B1 - B2 language examinations. Lots of printable pages.
level: students preparing for the Cambridge FCE examination
description: Use of English exercises and phrasal verbs. The exercises provide 3,000 help hints, which help the students arrive at the correct answer themselves rather than provide it in the first place. Ideal for self study. Many printable pages.
CPE Cloze Tests
level: Advanced - Proficiency
description: 30 gap filling tests from authentic sources (TIME, National Geographic etc) with 1800 hints, glossary and printing capabilities. Just unique!