The way to Success, is always under construction, it is created with very hard try and only the Winners walk on it!

We would like to thank the customers who trust our company, and all these educators that they try hard for a better future of their students.

Dear our friends, although the chances of having a personal contact are few, nowadays the Technology and the Internet, gives us the opportunity to have this virtual contact.
The subject that we are occupied with is specific and we believe that this contact would certainly help someone who is looking for School Furniture to save time by simply clicking on the page and to be informed about us, so the market research that will follow will be more useful.
By reading the following text you will realize the philosophy of our company.
The purpose that the company MARANTONI established, was, it is and will be to create educational areas where the journey of every human, younger or older in them, to be pleasant until to the final destination which is the education, learning and by extension the Pedia in their life.
Certainly, the times we live, the above thinking sounds a romantic notion, but the love for what we are doing is something that could not have material substance, except for the item that we exactly are doing.
We believe that the Education is the Quantity and The Pedia is the Quality of a human during the lifetime.
The Education and by extension the Pedia, begins first from the Family, continues to Educational areas and follow us until the end of our journey from this life.
Do not forget, even a school desk is a lifeless item, on that we “create” our future.
In fact is the first furniture where the human pass together the most of the time in the first years of his life and maybe remember that forever.
The purpose of our company is to create unique areas for our customers so they in turn to create unique learning conditions.
We are not teachers, so we cannot create education but we can create the educational conditions.
We don’t know and maybe we will never know if we are the best company cause this is a subjective case, but be sure that we will do all the best we can for all the customers who trust their dreams to us and also the configuration of their areas.
Improving the belief and the motto ¨nothing is stable¨ everything that we offer in our company always follows the rhythms of the market and sometimes creates the market.
The objects that we deal with are the following items.
The school desks could be 1seated, 2seated, compact desks, seminar desks and conference tables.
The school chairs that we offer could be plastic, coated or wooden,
The computer furniture could be plastic or wooden.
The Benches could be in various combinations and colors.
The writing boards could be marker (or porcelain enamel), chalkboards, announcement boards and interactive boards, which are in cooperation with projectors and PC for better educational results.
The mobile jammers are a new object that could be placed in schools, petrol stations, churches, cinemas, theaters, conference areas, banks, prisons, etc. In order to deactivate the signal of the mobile but should always be used with professional integrity.
The fleet management system. This a system that allows the recording and follow through satellite and internet, trucks, school busses, cars, etc. for more efficient use.
The office chairs, which are in various colors and shapes.
The offices desks and reception desks could be in different shapes, colors and dimensions.
Book selves could be plastic, metal and wooden.
The stationery that we support our customers is like markers, sponges, inks, etc.
The metal cabinets with different colors and different utilities.
In the link with Photos in our web site you could see the areas that we have already created and you could have an idea about the market.
The company started also the exports and the establishing business in abroad with extremely good conditions
Already started to be presented in abroad by taking place in exhibitions like INDEX that originally take place in Dubai (U.A.E.) in 2007 and takes place in 2008 also.
The general trend of our company is upwards and we own that to all the customers that trusted, trust and support our company, for them we are exist and for them we will always try to offer the best products, so that, the success to come for sure.
But we should be aware that the road to success is always under construction, built with great effort and only the winners walk on it.
A really hard effort maybe could be not vindicated from the beginning but be sure that ALWAYS vindicated.
Thanks for your time and your interesting to read the text above and maybe our company and the technology will help our customers for a better and brighter future.